22 diciembre 2018

Baby Jesus is coming!

Christmas is just around the corner and we are getting ready to celebrate.
During the last weeks we've been creating a Nativity Scene.
It's not only a beautiful sight, you can also touch It and feel many different textures.
Characters have been made using simple materials that add a special touch to the whole composition.
Three years old made glittered stars and cotton sheep.
Shepherds (with wool jackets) and Angels (with silk paper wings) have been made by four years old kids.
Five years old kids made Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the ox and donkey, the glory angel, the three wise men and the camel using beans, rice, leaves, fabric, sticks, feathers, and pon pons.

Welcome baby Jesus!

Here you have the links of our Christmas songs

       3 years old: Baby Jesus we love you

4 years old: Jump for Joy

                                                                                          5 years old: Praise him

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